aera delivery

With the COVID pandemic and restrictions from health authorities, the catering and some of the retail industries had to adapt to a new reality swiftly, and find new ways how to serve customers. Proactive businesses needed to find ways how to accept orders telephonically or better still online, and then offer a delivery or collection service.  

This is why we worked hard to launch the new Aera Delivery software as well as the Aera Delivery mobile app. Businesses can better organise the orders received and prepare them for collection or delivery, and customers can send their order directly from the comfort of their home using the mobile app. The most significant advantage of having a personalised app is the lack of commissions to be paid to a delivery platform, and there are no competing stores since the app is personalised and not shared with other business. 

Get in touch to learn about the special promotions that we are currently offering to launch this innovative product and also to do our part to help our existing and even new clients cope in these difficult times.