Aera Restaurant speeds up and simplifies the ordering and management processes of the catering establishment that offer service and take orders at the tables, such as Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bars, Pastry shops and Cafes. Aera Restaurant can manage the service in different areas of the establishment as well as multiple food preparation areas and bars. Standard features include a complete stock control system with recipe management, table booking system, substantial built-in (but still customisable) reports, advanced bill management, loyalty schemes and multiple price lists. By speeding up service, the software reduces customer-waiting time and allows staff to focus more on customer satisfaction. 


Fast and Efficient Service 

Aera Restaurant helps with staff coordination to enable personnel to offer a fast and efficient service. The software manages order printing when and where the food needs preparing; all the order process is managed in a precise and straightforward way, allowing staff to focus where they are needed most: caring for the customers and improve the establishments’ overall dining experience.  

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Reliable and Simple to use

Aera restaurant has been chosen by entrepreneurs who manage prominent restaurants with a high index of table rotation, because it guarantees precise coordination between the customers’ orders and the kitchen every day. The system allows the management of a considerable amount of data, even from multiple outlets, without slowing down the system. It is straightforward to use, creating a faster, more efficient and intuitive working environment for both management and staff. 

Scale Management

Aera Restaurant can manage an electronic scale for restaurants that sell meat or fish by weight, where the item is weighed and inserted directly from the kitchen before cooking. 

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

Aera Kiosk is the software for Self-ordering. It enables the customer not only to place the order, but also to checkout by paying both by card or cash.

Cash Management

Automatic cash handling machines accept a cash payment and deliver the change securely, completely eliminating mistakes and speeding up the customer transaction and the end of day procedures.


Kitchen Management

One of Aera Restaurant’s optional addons is a new module for improving the management of orders in the kitchen and allows the viewing and organising of orders or individual dishes being prepared directly on a kitchen monitor.

Real-time data and reports

Employees can use our Aera Analytics App to track sales figures and inventory, and managers can keep up with daily reports while out of the office, all in real-time from a tablet or a smartphone. 

Bill Management

Aera Restaurant helps with the management of bill payments in many different ways (Normal, Split or Single bill) and can interface with different types of payment methods such as automatic cash handling machines and credit card terminals. 

Mobile devices

By using the Aera Restaurant app (available both for Orderman and Android), orders can be taken directly at the table and sent directly to the printers, avoiding the confusion and time wasted to write the orders down on paper and then having to insert them again at the terminal. It allows the restaurant owner to choose between professional and industry-standard Orderman devices, or commercial PDAs such as Android tablets and smartphones.

Enterprise Solution 

The Restaurant Enterprise solution allows Aera Restaurant to be used simultaneously for different points of sale and is the ideal solution for managing different outlets participating in a franchising business.

Orders management

Besides the now standard options while inputting orders, the flexibility of the configuration of the dishes offered by Aera Restaurant help the staff to minimise the possibility of error. Orders can be printed both through the ESC / POS protocol and also with the Windows drivers, and therefore not limiting the use of different printers that can be used. 


Since the catering industry had to change swiftly and start offering its items for delivery and takeaway, we have just launched the new Aera Delivery app (available both for Android and iPhone). Using this app, the customer can send their orders directly from the comfort of their home. The app sends the order directly to your system and is personalised with your menu and items. There are no competing restaurants or commissions to be paid since it is a personalised app for your Restaurant is not being shared with other establishments. 
When used the Restaurant, the app also provides to the customer sitting at the table a digital menu (to avoid handling of traditional paper menus between customers) and also to send the order directly from the table and avoid staff interaction as much as possible.  

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