Aera Retail is the software ideal for the management of business that do not use a Point of Sale cash point but rely mainly on invoicing customers for goods and services. Aera Retail includes both Sales and Purchasing module, as well as an advanced Stock Control module that also includes manufacturing and product assembly. 


Purchasing management

No stock control system can be effective without the in-depth management and control of the purchasing process. Aera Retail manages all the purchasing process, from the issuing of the purchase order, delivery note and invoice, where the various documents are imported easily. The stock order and replenishing from suppliers as well as controlling the payment dues can become easily automated, thus eliminating a lot of manual and tedious paperwork. 

Sales management

As with the Purchasing process, Aera Retail manages the Sales process in its entirety, starting from the customer quotation, sales order and delivery note, and finally issuing the invoice and tracking its payment. During all the Sales process, items can be easily tracked via barcodes or search functions, and can also be imported from a previous document. Stock items are easily traced during all the sales process with items traced with the use of batches, lots or serial numbers 

Promotions management

Once set up, the various sales promotions are managed and implemented by the software automatically. The sales data of the products on promotions are monitored in real-time and allow the evaluation of the performance of the individual products on offer and their relative profit margins. It is also possible to manage customers loyalty schemes, both through the association of customized offers and price lists as well as through the collection of loyalty points. 

Speed and Simplicity

Aera Touch allows for the quick search of products through the completely customizable touch screen mode or by the use of barcodes. The graphical interface is optimized to minimize the operations (clicks) needed to perform each function and facilitates the learning and use by the operators.


Real-time data at hand

Employees can use the Aera Analytics App to track sales figures and inventory, and managers can keep up with daily reports while out of office, all in real-time from a PC, tablet or a smartphone. The Aera Analytics app allows you to view data and reports filtered by date, individual stores or the entire distribution chain (franchise). 


Aera Retail is designed to be used on both local and remote cloud servers, thus exploiting the reliability and accessibility of the system from any place and device. The Enterprise solution allows the use of Aera Retail for the management of points of sale distributed throughout different locations or belonging to a Franchising network, also allowing for the centralized management of one or more supply warehouses and the transfer of goods between individual stores or warehouses

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