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Offer your products to your customers from your own branded mobile app, personalised for your restaurant, custom made with your logo, photos, icons and much more. With Aera Delivery mobile, your customers can send their orders for delivery or collection from the comfort of their home, and when at your restaurant, they can see the menu and send the order directly from their table.

  • Save money on commissions paid to other platforms 
  • Customisable with your items, photos, logo, etc. 
  • Organise orders for delivery or collection, couriers and payments from a single software 
  • Save money on single-use printed menus 
  • Customers can order directly from the table when used at the Restaurant 
  • Multilingual Menu

The Aera Customer App is an app that we publish for you in the Play Store (Google) and the App Store (iOS) which your customers can download and install on their mobile devices. It is a personalised app for your business, with your items, photos, logo and icons. 

From this app, your customers can send their order, which is received directly in your Aera Delivery POS software installed at your store. The items (or menu) that the customer finds available in the app are synchronised with the same software, and the orders are received directly in your POS system.  

There are no other competing stores, and no commissions to be paid. Customers can choose to pay via credit card (and funds go directly to your bank account), PayPal or cash on delivery.  

When used at the Restaurant, the app also provides a digital menu to the customer sitting at the table (to avoid handling of traditional paper menus between customers). It also allows the customer to send the order directly from the table to help to reduce staff interaction as much as possible. 

Delivery Software

Aera Delivery is the software at your store where orders can either be inputted and scheduled (both for delivery or for pickup). Orders from the Customers Mobile App are also received in this software; your staff, therefore, have a single centralised system to manage all the orders. 

Businesses need to become creative to offer products to their customers, not just to survive throughout the pandemic but also to adapt and evolve to create new opportunities. Aera Delivery helps both catering and retail stores to manage a delivery and takeaway service, and offers a complete software solution that is simple and intuitive to use.

Using Aera Delivery, you can:

  • Take an order and schedule the collection or delivery time requested 
  • Print order automatically when scheduled 
  • Organise the deliveries 
  • Manage the incoming payments from the couriers 

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